Frankenmuth Dog Bowl, Inc. is a registered Charitable Organization, 501(c)(3).

Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations


Frankenmuth Dog Bowl, Inc. advocates responsible pet ownership through educational programs and world-class events, with the goal of being a recognized source of knowledge and entertainment for dogs and the people they love.


Frankenmuth Dog Bowl, Inc. will commit entrepreneurial leadership and necessary resources to promote sustainable initiatives for the well-being of dogs everywhere.


Collaboration – We partner with organizations to better understand and support the philanthropic needs of our community.

Commitment – We strive to set a standard of excellence for responsible dog ownership and are dedicated to being the premiere resource for the education of dog owners.

Compassion – We believe all dogs deserve the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives and will support programs to make the idea a reality.

Fun – We realize that dogs are human’s best friends and seek to offer engaging activities to cultivate and support that bond.


The purpose of the organization is to promote the education of the general public concerning animal welfare organizations including service dog organizations and animal rescue organizations. The organization will sponsor an annual festival in Frankenmuth, Michigan which will foster increased public interest in and appreciation for animal welfare and animal service organizations and activities. The festival will provide exhibition space for dog education organizations, animal rescue organizations, and animal service organizations. The organization’s festival will also include dog competitions to educate the public as to behavioral aspects of various breeds of dogs.