Dog Bowl King & Queen Award

Registration for the 2017 Dog Bowl King & Queen will open January 2017.

The 2016 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners are:

Dog Bowl 2016 King and Queen for Events page

King Louie’s Story:
Hi, my name is Louie! I am a retired Leader Dog for the Blind. When I was a puppy I was raised by my Mom, but after I started my career she lost track of me for 7 years. She saw a picture of me on Facebook and learned that I lived in Taiwan. My partner and her talked and invited her to come visit. She was so excited to see me working in such a complex environment. The next year I traveled with my partner Terry to New York for the blind-beep baseball championship. This trip was also when I retired and went to live with the women who raised me. Terry hasn’t forgotten me and sends me postcards every month. Even in my senior years I’m a professional. I love to help raise the other future leader puppies and I’ve just started work as a therapy dog.

Queen CoCo Chanel’s Story:
With a name like CoCo Chanel, you’ve got to have lots of style darling! However don’t be fooled by my classy name, I started out my life at a puppy mill. I was released from that life at around the age of three because I was no longer producing enough puppies. Leaving that life was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was saved by a rescue group who made sure that I would never have to go through that again. Just over a year ago I found my forever family. I love to meet new people. Don’t be surprised if I crawl right into your lap and give you lots of kisses. My hobbies include rolling over on my back and giving a double wave, playing with my sister Bella, and also hanging out with my Dad. I truly believe I am living a life full of riches and luxuries.

The 2015 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Avery, Alaskan Malamute
Queen – Cricket, Border Collie Mix

The 2014 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Zane, Border Collie
Queen – Abbey, Golden Retriever / Husky Mix

The 2013 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Da’Vinci “D”, Miniature Dachshund
Queen – Rio “The Trio”, 3-Legged Mountain Feist

The 2012 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Rosco, American Pit Bull Terrier
Queen – Emme, Bichon Frise

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