Dog Bowl King & Queen Award

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The 2015 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

Dog Bowl King and Queen 2015

King Avery’s Story:
Born and raised in Michigan, I am Avery, a 5 year old Alaskan Malamute. My most active job is therapy work. I visit a local nursing home every Tuesday where I love to pass out hugs, kisses and comfort to my best friends ranging from early age to my very dear, favorite, Dorothy that is 103 years young. I can make friends and capture people’s hearts everywhere I go. I have a warm face and big smile that lights up whenever I am approached. I had much success as an agility dog. I’m always willing to try something new and learn a new game. I’ve made a difference in so many lives. They think of me as a big ol’ teddy bear. Many of the events that I’ve taken part of: Dog Bowl, Bark for life, Fast and Furriest, MS, and all local/charity animal events.

Queen Cricket’s Story:
My name is Cricket and I was found roaming the cold and mean streets by the Michigan Humane Society. I was only around the age of 1 when I was captured. I was then adopted out by a family, but they soon returned me because I loved to chase all their cats around. Then one day my dream came true when I was chosen to become the queen of the house ruled by my forever family and now I am the Queen of Dog Bowl!

The 2014 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Zane, Border Collie
Queen – Abbey, Golden Retriever / Husky Mix

The 2013 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Da’Vinci “D”, Miniature Dachshund
Queen – Rio “The Trio”, 3-Legged Mountain Feist

The 2012 Dog Bowl King & Queen Winners were:

King – Rosco, American Pit Bull Terrier
Queen – Emme, Bichon Frise

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